Saturday, 11 July 2015

Page 2 - altered children's board book

Page 2 - Quick collage frame page

Yesterday afternoon I had fun making a simple frame page in my altered children's board book.
I wanted to make something that was quick and easy, but at the same time, would help me use up some of my scrap drop paper and stamp off pieces. They make interesting, but messy looking backgrounds - What fun!

Here is the result of my fun afternoon :) 

Thankfully the finished page looks a lot different from my random glueing down of scraps. It did start of looking very chaotic. I had my doubts about this page at this stage...but I think that about all my pages when I first start them ;)

I let the page dry before continuing on.
Next I decided to give it a thin coat of whitewash. I used plain old white acrylic paint and used water to thin the paint down. Once I felt the paint was thin enough, I applied one coat to my page, then dried and trimmed up the rough edges around the page.

Once this stage was dried, I looked out some scrapbook paper. I chose a 6 x 6 sheet from a Wild rose studio paper pack called Peach blossom. It was very handy that my book is also square shaped and larger than the paper pack,  so I didn't have to do any measuring and cutting. Don't you just love it when things happen that way :)
All I had to do was centre it and glue it down.
I had my central panel and fancy frame around it.

Then the fun of completing the page could begin.
As you can see from the first picture, I did a little finger painting in black around the edge of the page. That really helped in making the frame stand out. I outlined the central panel with a black sharpie marker and did some scallop doodling around that.

To finish the page, I added one of my hand painted doodle flowers (I have a YouTube tutorial on how to make these. I will post it at the end of this post)
I drew a stem and leaves with a black sharpie marker. I wanted to stay with the non coloured look, so no green leaves for this little lovely :)
Next, I added some stamped butterflies using jet black StazOn ink
 The butterflies are a set by Stampin' Up called papilon potpourri.
I also lightly stamped parts of the butterflies around my frame.
The last thing to be done was to add a sentiment.

I had my doubts at the start of this page but now I am really happy with the results. It's a simple page but it was great fun and that's how art should be :)

I hope you like this page too.
Thank you for reading.

Painted doodle flowers tutorial